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April 2021

A Message to Our Community

The Derek Chauvin verdict is a step forward for George Floyd’s loved ones and for our community. At AIFC we look to this as a steppingstone to a transformed world. The AIFC family rallies behind all victims of violence and is eager to continue to support a Minnesota that nurtures and cares for all.

No one deserves to feel unsafe or mistreated. Unfortunately, the community, from little ones to Elders, has experienced incredible trauma over the past year, and truly over many, many years prior. The AIFC team is deeply concerned, as all community members have tried to stay healthy and thrive during a global pandemic, multiple police killings, social upheaval, and an increasingly challenging response to protests and other assemblies.

The AIFC remains standing with all community members. We know the recent guilty verdict reflects an important step toward accountability. However, we also know that there is a long way to go for justice and at AIFC we remain committed to our Black, Brown, Indigenous, white—all brothers and sisters.

The AIFC family remains dedicated to listen, provide resources and relief in any way we can. Please continue to reach out and know we will be here for you.

With Sincere Gratitude,

The AIFC Family

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