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December 2020

Happy Winter Solstice from AIFC!

As we mark the Winter Solstice, our Elder in Residence Nelda Goodman wanted to share a message about this special time of year.

“Every season that changes, whether it’s the winter solstice, spring, summer or the fall, our people always celebrated that with a feast and the welcoming of the new season and giving thanks to the season that passed. There was always a ceremony that happened during that time.

Each season, they harvested and then when that season was over they would move on. Before the snow fell, they would all migrate back up to an area where they would be warm for the winter.

It was always a peaceful time remembering the stories my dad and the old men would tell. And my mom and her old lady friends would always be talking, telling stories.

That’s what got everybody through the winter – storytelling”

In this year of Covid, when it’s not safe to gather in groups, Nelda said we can still celebrate the Winter Solstice at home with our families.

“I would just encourage our families to be thankful that you have your children, your relatives and if you don’t have them, make relatives. I think this is the Creator giving us the chance to intertwine with each other to make our families stronger. We need to be safe, away from Covid, so even though we can’t gather in big groups, this is the time for us to mend relationships.”




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