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Let’s Grow Together

American Indian youth are invited to join the AIFC Waaban Ogimaawag every Sunday for an afternoon of career development and professional skills training! Each week we will work together to learn new professional skills, gain insights on varying career paths, learn from professionals and potential careers mentors and gain new…

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Four Directions Pathway to Saint Paul College

What:  Four Directions Pathway to Saint Paul College is an initiative to guide and support American Indian students to begin and then complete their post-high school training/degree.  Students can opt to train or study in any diploma program (less than two years), associate’s Degree (two years), or associate’s degree and transfer…

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52nd Anniversary of Earth Day

HAPPY (MOTHER) EARTH DAY!Boozhoo AIFC Friends, Family, & Relatives! Earth Month, celebrated in April, is a month-long emphasis on the planet, sustainability, and how you can make the world a better place. Rivers on fire, acid rain falling from the sky, species are going…

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Native American Art in Minnesota

  Sioux Artwork covers a multitude of traditional and contemporary genres World Art Day is an international celebration of the fine arts, which the International Association of Art declared to promote awareness of creative activity worldwide. It is celebrated on April 15th, the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci. Native…

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WE NEED YOU: We’ve Rallied Now What?

WE NEED YOU: We’ve Rallied. Now What? ~ Writer Jessie Van Berkel contributed to this report. Source: Randy Furst Star Tribune MARCH 25, 2022 — 6:27 PM The proposal is called “Clyde Bellecourt Urban Indigenous Legacy Initiative,” named after…

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Understanding the History Behind Native American Drums

Understanding the History Behind Native American Drums October 16, 2020, by: Tacchini Source: Native American Indians have been playing drums for thousands of years; today, the instrument continues to play a significant role in Native American culture. These percussion instruments also have a rich and fascinating past. We hope…

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AIFC and the Urban Indigenous Legacy Initiative (UILI)

A campaign to transform the Indigenous landscape of the Twin Cities The Urban Indigenous Legacy Initiative is a collective of 16 renowned Native American nonprofit organizations in Minneapolis and Saint Paul that have provided vital and effective services for over four decades. This collaborative has now come together to…

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